Bosvathick Beef

Bosvathick has been the home of the same family since 1760. The estate remains a place area of traditional, almost old-fashioned farming, and of heritage landscape, a place which has been looked after for 260 years by a family devoted to those surroundings and the historic landscape.

The Bovathick Dexter herd of cattle is an ‘open range’ herd, able to roam over large areas of grass meadows, pasture and woods, streams even a lake, with ‘natural foods’ which are augmented in winter by grass and hay bales. They live in the open as a complete herd; They do not get any extra hormones or other products and are a grass fed and contented herd which is genuinely ‘free-range’.

Dexters are said to be the earliest cattle of these islands. They are slightly smaller than the modern cow, and their meat is all the better for it, particularly as at Bosvathick, they grow naturally. Here calves stay with their mothers and the herd until fully grown. This is a world away from factory farming.

The meat, described by chefs as within the best 10 tastes of all foods, is tender, full of flavour, is higher than others in Omega 3 and Omega 6, and has what most people say is an unique and better taste than other beef. The meat, unlike that of most cows is marbled which means that it remains tender and cooks better. Since the animals are smaller, the meat also comes in smaller joints and cuts.

The meat from our Bosvathick Dexters comes to us in fairly large vacuum packed pieces which we freeze immediately. We do not attempt to butcher divide and chop up each cut. This means that a piece of steak will normally provide four tender pieces rather than just one. The joints are family rather than American sized. Because the carcass is smaller than that of other breeds, the steaks and meat cuts tend to be smaller and thicker, making it easier to cook for more tender results. Most butchers will divide cuts for maximum sales value, but our meat is not cut in small pieces. The steaks will serve several people and larger pieces can be slow cooked or cut for stews, rather than roasted.

Once the main well-known named cuts are taken, much of the carcase is then minced and so our mince has better quality meat than might be normal and is real meat rather than oddments or left overs.
We sell our meat as frozen and it should be fine to take home and keep frozen until you wish to cook. However, the meat should not be re-frozen once defrosted.

We have a large range of cuts, joints and meats in our freezers and can probably provide the cuts may order.